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    云顶电玩‘With no result?’


    ‘If Mlle. éloise Lambert, stenographer and typist, will apply to M. Georges La Touche, H?tel Suisse, rue de La Fayette, she will hear something to her advantage.’
    ‘I had heard she was dismissed, and that is why I was interested in her. Unfortunately my business is not for the moment as flourishing as I should wish. It occurred to me that if I could find a typist who had some blot on her record, she might be willing to come to me for a smaller salary than she would otherwise expect. It would benefit her as well as me, as it would enable her to regain her position.’
    Beyond the gate, that is on the side away from the house, the yard wall ran on for some fifty feet, at the end of which a cross hedge ran between it and the one under which he was standing. The constable moved warily along to this cross hedge, which he followed until he stood beside the wall.


    1.‘’Arf a mo,’ mister,’ he said, ‘what abaht that there money?’
    2.‘Absolutely none, monsieur,’ returned Thomas, who was evidently amazed at this new development, ‘I am quite positive we only sent one.’
    3.‘I cannot tell, monsieur.’ She spoke in a dull, toneless way, as if the struggle for existence had sapped away all her interest in life.
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