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    s678At last the Doctor spoke:


    So the Captain gave him five pounds of the best China tea and thanked him again in the name of the Queen and the government.
    "'Good!' said the pig. 'I've come to the right place. Let us go on with the dinner.'
    "'You're a stupid old duffer!' I said. And I left the dye shed in great anger and never went back to it again.


    1.Dawn was beginning to show before they came in sight of the ship they sought. This made approaching the schooner without being seen extremely difficult. And the Doctor went all the way around the Island of No-Man's-Land, so as to come upon the ship from the other side, where he would not have to cross so large an open stretch of sea.
    2."Upstairs where the dye vats stood"
    3.Speedy-the-Skimmer had arranged plans with the Doctor overnight. And long before the great warship pulled up her anchor and swung around upon her course the famous swallow leader was miles ahead, with a band of picked hunters, exploring up creeks and examining all the hollows of the coast where the slave trader might be hiding.
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